London >>> Belgium (Part 1)

So the first new country I visited in 2016 was ...Belgium! 

New Country? New Hat!

I was very excited to see the home of waffles and luxury chocolates but even more so to experience it with my lovely friend, Miss A. Myself and Miss A met whilst in Dubai … at a BBQ .. and well the rest is history! I was super grateful – and so happy she invited me to stay with her for a few days.

Miss A & EHH ...slightly different outfits from our beach day in Dubai

My adventure began at London St Pancras station where I caught the Eurostar to Brussels. I've been increasingly crap with early mornings so I board, fall asleep and awaken as we are chugging through Belgium. I quickly realise my temporary UK SIM card doesn't work. Drats!. This was going to make it very hard for me to call Miss A and tell her which connecting train I'd caught and what time she should pick me up from Ghent station. I start to freak out. I start to freak out even more once I was on the next train that I was – on the wrong train! I'm slowly trying to come to terms with having to live out my days in the deepest darkest corner of Belgium.

Throughout this freak out I still managed to admire the countryside. I love architecture and the Belgium country abodes looked like quaint little dolls houses.

Ghent Country House
I eventually arrive at Ghent train station … or Gent if you are a local. #DownWithTheLingo I suddenly forget my freak out and suddenly feel very smug at my skills of international travel. Thank god for Starbucks free wifi! I message Miss A and she sets off to rescue me – I mean meet me. 

Gent Train Station

I arrive at Miss A's home. It's so gorgeous! It's a four story open plan house. I've never been in a Scandanavian styled house before. It is very cool - and immaculate. I silently note to be extra tidy. I have been told, many times by The Mother, that I am the messiest house guest ever. Miss A informs me that Georgo is also staying here. Ooh! I have visions of a tall, dark handsome Italian …. these dreams are short livid when Georgo turns out to be a kitty. (more on his awesome-ness later!)

Georgo & Miss A

That evening we head out for some drinks and do a mini bar crawl through Gent. The town is quiet and there is frost on the ground but it only makes the wine bars and shops more picturesque. I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold. I forgot how much it affects me. I praise the Lord that me and Miss A have the same speed of walking – super sonic! #SayNoToSlowPeople We find a bar near the canals and settle in for a few glasses of vino and a catch up. 

Ghent at night Gent Belgium Gothic City Canals
Ghent by night
Our first stop ... Bar Des Amis!

It's easy to meet people in Dubai but it's rare to find those you truly click with. Miss A is one of those amazing people. I'm truly happy to hear she is loving being back in Belgium – even if I selfishly miss our coffee dates by the beach. #saddness


The next day we head into Ghent and I have my first Belgium coffee at OR Espresso Bar, the place is packed and I understand why. The coffee is delicious and it's defo a people watching spot. 

Us at OR Espresso Bar
OR Espresso Bar Ghent Gent Belgium
Our caffeine fix

Neither of us are morning people so by the time we get up, get dressed and have coffee its practically lunch time so we head to Soep +.

Sorry there are no pics. I devoured my soup and salad before I remembered. 

Soep + Ghent Gent Belgium
Emma food at Soep +

Here is a shot of the salad bar. If you are in Gent you must go here. The food is amazingly fresh and there was a queue out the door - always the sign of a great place. I had chicory soup - which I never had before - and a ham, rocket, tomato and mozzarella salad.

The next day Miss A had beauty school to attend in Bruge so I decided to spend the day sight seeing and …. take my selfie stick for it's debut outing. I was weirdly excited about my new purchase. I used to laugh at people when they first came out but I rationalise that they are practically retro now. I'm crap at taking selfies ... and one would hate to miss a picture opportunity.

I decide to take my first video with the selfie stick - propbably should have noted where the backwards camera lense was #RookieSelfieStickMistake

Once we parked the car we had a quick stop for soup at a cafe, and Miss A briefs me on what I should try and see whilst in Bruge.

Markt Square... "You must this, it's beaitiful!"
The canals...
The main shopping street....

I start to worry I'm going to get lost on my way. (see the reoccurring theme here?) Without Google maps I'm like superman without his cap – Cher Horwitz without her credit card - KK without her booty. I start to panic. I can see Miss A giving me a dubious look but she reassures me I shall be fine.


I'm not so sure.

I abuse my last minutes of wifi and try to mentally ingrain the route in my head. I then screen shot each part; bid Miss A 'Good Bye' and set off on my solo mission to experience Bruge. 

I silently curse past Emma for not seeing the film 'In Bruge.'

I finally make my way to Markt....

Next I took a wander towards the canals and took some pictures. It really was so beautiful.

Ghent Belgium Gent Emma Haylan Hall

Ghent Gent Belgium Emma Haylan Hall

Ghent Gent Belgium Emma Haylan Hall

It was -3 degres outside so after my photo session I retreated to a warm spot for some hot food and wifi before heading home to Miss A...


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Where did EHH visit

OR Espresso Bar
Walpoortstraat 26
9000 Ghent

Soup Plus
Lammerstraat 33
9000 Gent

Bar Des Amis
Lammerstraat 15
9000 Gent

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