International Textile Fair : My First Speaking Engagement

I have been asked to give a speech at the International Textile Fair, in Dubai, this October.

OMG! How exciting. And what an honour to be part of such an amazing event. As an up and coming swimwear designer I am truly ridiculously flattered that I have been chosen, and, this will be my first public speaking engagement, ever.

Oh yikes.


What have you got yourself into EHH?

International Textile Fair 2015 Dubai Emma Haylan Hall
The perfect place to prep : by the pool

I'm not shy at all, that's not the issue. Performing on stage in plays doesn't unnerve me ... except,...well, when, you are being paid to portray someone else you have a handy script writer to inform you what to say in advance. So, if I happen to say something silly by mistake? Well, that's just me in character right?

That's one excuse I can't utilise this time. Drats.
I attended the International Textile Fair, last year in November, to source fabric and embellishments for my swimwear line: Haylan Hall. I was really impressed by the organisation of the event and the range of companies that were exhibiting. There was fabric from India, buttons from Italy and manufacturers from China. I was especially impressed by the extensive range of digital fabric prints to purchase – they were so unique, I was spoilt for choice. I could look at fabric all day. Just imaging the limitless beautiful items that could be created from a roll of fabric excites and inspires me.

International Textile Fair
Textiles Galore

I also remember attending the speeches. Soaking up the knowledge the speakers had to share and hanging on every word, determined not to miss any key advice that would help make my fashion brand a success. I never imagined in a million years I would be asked to grace the stage the following year.

By the time the fair arrives in October my first bikini collection will only have just launched. I may not have season after season of experience but I am excited to share my adventures of the last year. There have been major frustrations and many times I felt like giving up, but its all worth it once you get to see your designs and vision become something real.

I'm going to work hard on what I have to say at the International Textile Fair as I feel so grateful to be given this platform that I want to make sure I use it well. If my story can help one person listening get one step closer to achieving their fashion goals then I will consider my day a success.

If you would like to attend the International Textile Fair the details are below:


International Textiles Fair 2015 Dubai

Show Dates: 11-12th October 2015
Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Exhibition Centre, Hall Number 2, Dubai, U.A.E.

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